Oh My Guide!

Tourist Audioguide with AR

This application contains tourist routes in which you will see recreated cities of the past. You will get a fascinating history of cities such as Rome, London and Paris, and travel back in time to the streets to catch the dawn of bygone eras.

Inside the app

Audio guide

Exciting excursions recorded by a professional storyteller


Language support: English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian

Offline downloads

Download excursions via wifi and save on roaming charges

AR Streets

Walk around the city and see the recreated streets of the past in real time

AR Sights

All sights have been recreated to the smallest detail. We have restored destroyed monuments of architecture

A Clear price

Pay a fixed price per city forever, not for each excursion separately

Recreate that was lost by time

We are working with cutting edge technologies that will give you incredible emotions from using!

Technology behind the app

Our team

Semen Promyshlennikov


Vladimir Liadov


Coming Soon

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